Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Namaste Nepal-Helping Himalayan Children

The journey to start a non-profit is interesting. I have been visiting Nepal now for a little over three years and I have seen and learned many things over that time. I remember my first trip to Nepal and how overwhelmed I was by not only the mind-blowing beauty and richness of culture and connection, but the devastating poverty that so many Nepali people survive in each day.

My heart broke when I saw malnutrition and preventable illness, the lack of material resources,training, and access in the schools, and the threat of girls being sold into the human trafficking sex slave trade as the result of not having enough. I've never experienced those who truly do not have basic needs met, and who can do so much with so little with a smile, and it changed me to my core.

I no longer took for granted the things in life that come so easily to me as the result of where I was born. I realized, that so much could be done to help so many with very little, really, and I knew in my heart I would do whatever I could to help. Until now, I see a clear path and realized that I need to be more "organized" and I need "more help"... I have learned over the years that two heads are better than one, four even more, and 100 or more...OF COURSE! I've been blessed with the mentors and friends I have, with having the heart of a teacher and a counselor, because we believe in the power of goodness and the ability to do seemingly impossible things... like teach a child to read, like help someone learn that life is good, like holding someone's hope until they can take it back.... we know that a little bit of caring can go a long way...and we love to make the world a better place, whether in a small way, like offering a smile at the perfect time, or saving a life by offering the opportunity to go to school, or building a library for a village...or more. There are so many ways to make the world a better place, and when we make the lives of others better, we make our life better...because, we really are all connected~ we really are One.

Namaste Nepal-Helping Himalayan Children is being formed now~ if anyone is interested in joining us on the mission to enrich and empower the lives of children in Nepal, please contact me. I believe we all have gifts and talents to share and my intention is that we all grow and blossom as we help the children in Nepal grow and blossom as well.

p.s. the website is currently underconstruction but you can reach me here or via email!


  1. You are doing such stunning work.... it really is an honour to call you a friend.

  2. ajk thank you for your encouragement, support, and wise counsel. You have already provided such insight and wonderful ideas in the developing stages. Indeed it is an honor to call you friend! I am looking forward to continuing this work with the help of dear friends, such as yourself. I am looking forward to the journey!

  3. I used to have a heart like yours. When did I become so jaded... Thank you for sharing your love with us. It's a beautiful thing. :) Love you! Can't wait to see you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your love with those who are in need. Count on me to help!

  5. Hello!
    We support another organization that helps Mountain People in Nepal. They build schools and nursery, you should contact them for futher support to your work:
    Founder: David Durkan:

    Good Luck!

    Kind Regards Ingunn, Bergans of Norway