Friday, December 13, 2013

Let the Adventure Begin!


Our 2013 Travel Team leaves for Nepal tomorrow. We are all very excited to visit our scholarship students, schools, libraries and all of our friends and colleagues who work hard each day.  Our team members here in the United States of America have been working hard for months to prepare for this trip to Nepal, the sacrifices are many, but all of it done with a generous open heart and spirit.  We have a diverse team, each bringing many gifts and talents.  We are very excited to share the journey with our friends and family members who have also joined us in this work... We Thank You for your loving support, your kind offerings and prayers and wishes in making this world a better place for all people.

We are immensely grateful to so many people for helping in a variety of different ways. Our team members have done an amazing job this year in raising funds for scholarships and projects.  The students at Corey School wrote letters to the students in Nepal and we are excited to share those with the children! Labdoo is an amazing nonprofit organization, with great leadership, that has donated five laptops to our libraries and schools and we will be using those in our Chahari Project, so we are grateful! 

 First stop is Bangkok, Thailand to visit Rangsit University and our scholarship students there, as well as to discuss The Chahari Project so we can guide progress there. After that, onward to Kathmandu, Nepal where we will meet with the students in the Chahari Classroom at Teresa Academy in Maiti Nepal. Our team will visit many different places around Nepal. We will post and update as we go. One thing is sure, we will do our best to provide 'Chahari' (shade, comfort and protection) to those who need it the most.  Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday & a prosperous, healthy New Year! Sending Infinite Love & Gratitude to ALL!!!!  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

"One day she is a child, the next day she is a slave. It is as sudden and profound as that." ~ The Day My God Died

Child exploitation, child slavery, human trafficking is an atrocity around the world, and especially in Nepal. Basic human civil rights and basic education are denied each day to many children, some as young as seven years old, who are taken into the slavery and literally beaten and sexually tortured for years on end. We cannot even fathom a child, our child, experiencing the inhumane treatment that many endure, some for years, because they were born into poverty. Many children are not able to go to school because they do not have the basics ~ uniforms, books, supplies, and for some, tuition. These are the children who become the target for being trafficked, because they are a vulnerable burden to their family and their community and they are easily 'disappeared' and become a valuable asset to those waiting to exploit them in the brothels and slave trade. 

Namaste Nepal ~ Helping Himalayan Children is a 501(c)3 organization that provides educational scholarships to children in Nepal. We also work to improve education and literacy through training educators, building libraries, and supporting special projects that build relationships, mentor, and connect people together. 
It takes only $100 to send a child to school for a year and to prevent them for being at risk of being sold or taken. Each year we raise funds for educational scholarships and each year we visit the children in Nepal and present them with their supplies so they are able to go to school and enjoy their basic human rights of safety, education, and freedom from torture. 

Please help us by donating today! We are grateful so many people are willing to let the most forgotten children know that we care and we will not allow them to be taken.  That child, is MY CHILD, that child is OUR CHILD. If it is in our power to help them, then we must. Each person can do something to help those who cannot help themselves. 

When you leave the villages in Nepal, the children sometimes look into your eyes and say, "Please do not forget me." I can say, that I could never forget them, they are in my heart and mind each day!  
Please do not forget the children and donate today!
Here is how you can donate! (All donations are tax deductible)
1) Donations can be made via check/cash by mail:
P.O.Box 5182 
Buena Park, CA 90622

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Namaste Nepal ~ Helping Himalayan Children's Cinco de Mayo Birthday Party ~ May 5, 2013

Namaste Nepal ~ Helping Himalayan Children's Cinco de Mayo Birthday Party  ~  May 5, 2013
Please join us for a wonderful afternoon of delicious Indian food, fun Cinco De Mayo games & sweets, and wonderful raffle baskets & items from the East & West.

Tickets are $25.00 at the door or you can preorder ~

Delicious Indian buffet, tea, coffee, soda, desserts, and raffle tickets are included.
Part of the proceeds go for donation to NNHHC to support the work in the prevention human trafficking through education in Nepal.

Please RSVP ~ Bring your friends and family ~ We are excited to see you there!!! ❤ Namasté

For our Friends who live far ~ Please consider 'joining us' in spirit by making a donation ~ for $25.00 we will enter your name in the raffles and you may win a wonderful prize!! And you will be helping to provide educational opportunities and increased quality of life for others! ♥ Thank you!!!

Mailing Address:
P.O.Box 5182
Buena Park, CA 90622