Friday, December 13, 2013

Let the Adventure Begin!


Our 2013 Travel Team leaves for Nepal tomorrow. We are all very excited to visit our scholarship students, schools, libraries and all of our friends and colleagues who work hard each day.  Our team members here in the United States of America have been working hard for months to prepare for this trip to Nepal, the sacrifices are many, but all of it done with a generous open heart and spirit.  We have a diverse team, each bringing many gifts and talents.  We are very excited to share the journey with our friends and family members who have also joined us in this work... We Thank You for your loving support, your kind offerings and prayers and wishes in making this world a better place for all people.

We are immensely grateful to so many people for helping in a variety of different ways. Our team members have done an amazing job this year in raising funds for scholarships and projects.  The students at Corey School wrote letters to the students in Nepal and we are excited to share those with the children! Labdoo is an amazing nonprofit organization, with great leadership, that has donated five laptops to our libraries and schools and we will be using those in our Chahari Project, so we are grateful! 

 First stop is Bangkok, Thailand to visit Rangsit University and our scholarship students there, as well as to discuss The Chahari Project so we can guide progress there. After that, onward to Kathmandu, Nepal where we will meet with the students in the Chahari Classroom at Teresa Academy in Maiti Nepal. Our team will visit many different places around Nepal. We will post and update as we go. One thing is sure, we will do our best to provide 'Chahari' (shade, comfort and protection) to those who need it the most.  Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday & a prosperous, healthy New Year! Sending Infinite Love & Gratitude to ALL!!!!  

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