Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kind Generosity!

I have been so blessed to meet kind and generous individuals from around the world who are inspired by the library. Many Nepali visitors who come to and through Bandipur are impressed and inspired to's fun to share the library with them, and then they realize, that...indeed we can make a difference...I am not "special" in this's a matter of "doing it"...

A lovely couple from Holland made an impromptu donation for the library yesterday...I will purchase puzzles and books with their generous was so nice!!!

Having fun~
and will be home soon!

Happy Birthday Joseph~
love you!


  1. Wish you were here. Casey and Tom are coming down today. We will miss you but we do know that you are doing important work in Nepal. Hopefully you will come back happy and recharged. XoXo ~ Andi

  2. You are only seeing the results of all that you give out.... I think that may just be what they call karma....

    Well done on making such a huge difference...

    Wishing I was there with you

  3. Great job Heather! Thank you for all that you are doing to help!