Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~Yoga Kids & Other Such Fun In the Library~

The days are going by quickly, and quite frankly as often happens, it's hard to keep track of day or time while in Nepal. It has been quite fun working in the library and seeing the children continue to thrive, grow, and explore books and learning.

Yesterday we had a great time in the library as I brought a lap top with me and played a Yoga Kids dvd for the children. We all did yoga and it was a grand time! Last year the founders of Yoga Kids (a yoga company based in Chicago) traveled with us to deliver scholarships and they donated many of their wonderful items to the schools we sponsor and recently sent a generous donation of books and dvd's to the library! It was FUN!!!! I took a lot of pictures of the kids doing yoga, laughter and stretching were abound! We will definitely continue this practice! Thanks Don & Marsha...I can't wait to share the pictures with you all!

We have been doing "crafts" and reading with the children. I am finding this to be helpful for the kids and the librarian as well...modeling and mentoring, building relationships...all so crucical.

I think we have found three places in Chitwan area for libraries where we currently sponsors girls for their schooling. These places are already "built" meaning we will not have to build them from the ground up...tis is a good thing! Still have much to do, but of course, you all know...I am in HEAVEN!

The people, young and old are so kind to me and so appreciative of the work done here. I've also been meeting many others who do work here and I've learned a great deal of how to continue forward with the work to be done.

very exciting...
and charging, charging, charging those batteries!!!!


THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR WELL WISHES, Comments, and prayers!
(and I would appreciate it if people wouldn't post their long religious speeches on my blog...so NOT COOL! And I can't find how to delete it... )




  1. Ha! I wondered about that post. Random. Sounds like you are having a blast and in your element. We miss you here. Love you.

  2. You mean you haven't already opened those rxtra libraries?? crikey you are just taking it easy, aren't you? ;D

    So good to read all is going so well. You continue to amaze and inspire so many people. Hurrah for you!