Tuesday, June 1, 2010

NNHHC Celebration Kick Off and Honoring Amazing Individuals Who are Making a Difference ~

On Sunday, May 30, 2010 a dynamic diverse group of amazing individuals gathered at the Himalayan Grill Restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, for a celebration!  We gathered to celebrate the start of our new organization and to also honor two women who are "running to change the world" ~ Lourdes Coronado and Rachel Ishiguro are two remarkable women who are both running their first marathons to raise funds to build libraries in Nepal!

Heather Guay (co-founder/President in USA)  & Youko Amemiya (co-founder/Secretary)

Rachel Ishiguro (from San Diego), Heather Guay, Lourdes Coronado (from Spain) working together to make a difference!!!

Rachel is running the Edge to Edge Marathon on Vancouver Island, Canada on June 13, 2010 and Lourdes is running the Rock-N-Roll Marathon in San Diego on June 6, 2010. Both amazing women choose to sponsor Namaste Nepal - Helping Himalayan Children for their first marathons. We are  honored by both of these remarkable women and join in supporting them as they raise funds to build our second Children's Library in Nepal. We have the second library site selected, as just reported by Digumber Piya, our President of NNHHC in Nepal ~ he recently had a meeting with local village leaders in the Sarunpur area and they agreed to a building location that is centrally located for the community. The library will be in a central location for all community members to access. The community members are excited and supportive. We will continue our efforts to raise enough funds to build the next library and to provide support at our first library site in Bandipur, Nepal!

It is our goal and intention to continue raising funds to create a library in each village where Empower Nepali Girls sponsors scholarship recipients ~ and then beyond! We endeavor to create a network of libraries and support systems throughout the rural regions that will support, empower, and encourage each person to reach their personal best ~ that includes all of us!  

If you would like to sponsor Lourdes or Rachel and help them reach their goal of donating a library to Nepal ~ please visit the website and donate via Pay Pal or send a check to the mail address.www.namastenepal.org

This is Julius Joseph Guay IV, Director of Media and and Marketing for NNHHC ~ he helped brainstorm and designed the current website, created the logo, and has spent endless hours helping us get everything set up and organized. It was quite fun to present him with a certificate, flowers, a blessed scarf, and a "magic" Nepali Wizard wand to help undo all that yucky coding ~  We are extremely grateful to Joseph for all the hard work and dedication he has shown to NNHHC and to supporting the children in Nepal!

Another special thanks and appreciation was given to those who have been pivotal in the creation of NNHHC some of these individuals could not join us ~ and they were missed terribly ~ 

Digumber Piya - Co-founder/ President NNHHC in Nepal
Andrea Kelley - Director of NNHHC - Australia
Paul Hensman - Director of NNHHC - UK
Sneha Shrestha - Director of Student Affairs - USA
Steve Robinson - Writer/Editor for NNHHC - USA
Ramita Shrethsa -Supporter and Director - Sankhu, Nepal
Nancy Compton - Artist and Media Designer - USA

Each of these individuals have spent endless hours in supporting NNHHC from the start, and we could not have put everything together without their encouragement, love, and expertise in each of their areas of focus. Thank you all ~ and Namaste ~

Together we can make a difference  in the lives of many!!!!

A few of our friends who joined us for the celebration!!! More to come!!!


  1. Beyond wonderful!

    So sad to have missed this gathering of incredible people, but truly excited to hear the news about the next library location.

    Onwards and upwards, with folks like these on our side we cannot fail to make a difference.

  2. Thank you Paul!!! :D
    We missed you all who could not be there, to be sure... we need to plan a big UK celebration!!!!
    Namaste Friend!