Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ Laying the Foundation of the Second Children's Library in Saranpur, Nepal ~

Construction is underway way for the library. The frame is built and the roof is on as well. Soon this will be a beautiful library filled with enriching materials for the children to read and utilize. Many of these children do not have access to books or a place to relax and learn about the wonders of the world. Namaste Nepal - Helping Himalayan Children hopes to continue to bring more libraries for many children in Nepal.

President of Namaste Nepal- Helping Himalayan, Digumber Piya and the community members from Saranpur, Nepal in Chitwan lay the cornerstone of the Second Children's Library. The library will be opened in Dec. 2010. We feel very grateful for the collaboration and support from all the community members from Saranpur and friends from around the world.
The villagers and Digumber Piya say a prayer and bless the start of the Second Children's Library, to be opened in Dec. 2010. Namaste Friends ~ we will see you soon! :)

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