Tuesday, December 7, 2010

♥ Preparing to Go ~ Carrying Dreams ♥

For the Children ~ ♥
The December 2010 trip to Nepal is fast approaching and each day I look for updates on progress on the second Community Children's Library in Nepal.  The first library in Bandipur, Nepal is going strong and we are excited to visit our friends there. The community members are working hard to ensure the completion of the library so we are able to complete our goal of creating a beautiful and wonderful Community Children's Library in the community of Saranpur, in Narayan garh/Bharatpur (Chitwan area). We are very excited to visit and fill the library with books of all genres and levels
~ written in English and Nepali so the children and community members can enjoy.

As I reflect on this entire journey thus far, I am moved by the loving kindness, caring, and tremendous support from many individuals from around the world. People believe in education, literacy, and in helping those who need a hand ~ our friends in Nepal agreed to come together and build the library and our friends from around the world donated funds from their hard days work, participated in a variety of fund-raising activies; two friends ran marathons, a group walked a 5K,  two individuals walked across the UK,  many of us sold used items in garage sales.

People from around the world have given their time, energy, and faith in improving lives through the gifts of education and literacy. I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to help make this happen. I feel fortunate to have such beautiful people by my side....Youko, Digumber, Joseph, Lourdes, Rachel, Paul, Steve, Andrea & ALL Those who have helped in big and small ways ~

In leadership one idea is to always keep your Values & Goals in mind ~ and then what happens in between those two are how we achieve our goals ~ As I reflected on the Values and Goals of Namaste Nepal ~ Helping Himalayan Children I kept coming back to this powerful verse written by Lourdes ~

 The dreams of the children who will visit the libraries ♥

"For each child who visits the library, for each book that is opened and read, we will open doors and windows to different worlds. Through each book that is read and each story that is told, we will give children the opportunity to learn, grow, feel, hope, and imagine. We will help bring smiles, stir ideas, foster learning, improve literacy, and nourish curiosity. We will help open possibilities in ways which only books can. I tried putting this in numbers, but some things are too big and too many to be counted." ♥ Lourdes Coronado ♥ 

 It is through these values that we set the goals that inspire us to continue the work of moving forward and to search for ways to meet and exceed our goals of improving lives through building relationships, improving literacy, supporting education through working with communities from around the world. 

So as I prepare to leave for Nepal this time ~ I am carrying dreams in my bags!  I will update everyone while I am there and post pictures of the children in the libraries.

Namaste ~  ♥     


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  1. I love you Momma! =) We're all thinking about you, I tell Melody about your adventures in Nepal and she says she misses you already =)

    Namaste HG Happiness =) From Jojo, Jordan, and MG Happiness =)