Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Times~

I keep thinking of all the fun we had in the library and what joy and enrichment the library is bringing to the children and community of Bandipur each day. I think we can see and say that it brings joy and enrichment to those of us who visit as well. I saw the faces on many of the visitors who visited the library and had a place to interact with the children in reading and visiting together. We sang songs, did craft activities, read books, completed puzzles together, did Yoga Kids together...we spent time was so nice!

I am so excited to continue to spread this work to other villages in Nepal as well and have thus been inspired to create a non-profit organization to raise funds to help support literacy and empower Nepalese children through educational enrichment~ building libraries, supporting scholarships, mentoring and teaching, training teachers, and supporting sports and the arts in schools and communities throughout rural Nepal. :)
Does it sound challenging~ well, maybe, but every little bit helps, and step by step I believe we can make a difference. This inspires me each day and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of helping in Nepal. I am grateful to everyone who has supported and helped in big and small ways the work we've done so far! I am looking forward to sharing the journey with as many who want to join!

Namaste Nepal-Helping Himalayan Children

will be working to accomplish many goals in the future! I will keep you posted!!!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kind Generosity!

I have been so blessed to meet kind and generous individuals from around the world who are inspired by the library. Many Nepali visitors who come to and through Bandipur are impressed and inspired to's fun to share the library with them, and then they realize, that...indeed we can make a difference...I am not "special" in this's a matter of "doing it"...

A lovely couple from Holland made an impromptu donation for the library yesterday...I will purchase puzzles and books with their generous was so nice!!!

Having fun~
and will be home soon!

Happy Birthday Joseph~
love you!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

~Yoga Kids & Other Such Fun In the Library~

The days are going by quickly, and quite frankly as often happens, it's hard to keep track of day or time while in Nepal. It has been quite fun working in the library and seeing the children continue to thrive, grow, and explore books and learning.

Yesterday we had a great time in the library as I brought a lap top with me and played a Yoga Kids dvd for the children. We all did yoga and it was a grand time! Last year the founders of Yoga Kids (a yoga company based in Chicago) traveled with us to deliver scholarships and they donated many of their wonderful items to the schools we sponsor and recently sent a generous donation of books and dvd's to the library! It was FUN!!!! I took a lot of pictures of the kids doing yoga, laughter and stretching were abound! We will definitely continue this practice! Thanks Don & Marsha...I can't wait to share the pictures with you all!

We have been doing "crafts" and reading with the children. I am finding this to be helpful for the kids and the librarian as well...modeling and mentoring, building relationships...all so crucical.

I think we have found three places in Chitwan area for libraries where we currently sponsors girls for their schooling. These places are already "built" meaning we will not have to build them from the ground up...tis is a good thing! Still have much to do, but of course, you all know...I am in HEAVEN!

The people, young and old are so kind to me and so appreciative of the work done here. I've also been meeting many others who do work here and I've learned a great deal of how to continue forward with the work to be done.

very exciting...
and charging, charging, charging those batteries!!!!


THANKS TO ALL OF YOUR WELL WISHES, Comments, and prayers!
(and I would appreciate it if people wouldn't post their long religious speeches on my NOT COOL! And I can't find how to delete it... )



Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010 ~ Progress~

This past few days has been really very exciting. I arrived in Nepal on January 4, 2010. I was able to visit with part of our Madhav Ghimire group who had already arrived in Nepal in December...I was sad that part of the group had already left the day before I arrived. I wanted to meet them all!

I visited the bookstore in Kathmandu to fill a few "orders" for the library. The complete Harry Potter series was the big purchase and provided through a donation from Youko (thank you)! I was also able to purchase about a dozen books wtih cd's and a variety of "other" books that looked interesting.

After a night in Kathmandu I left for Bandipur.
I arrived in the evening and after eating a delicious dal bhat slept soundly in my "old bed" in Gaun Gahr, thankfully minus the spider! As I woke in the morning I began to visit my friends around the village. It was great fun to see familiar faces and to be greeted so warmly. Many of the children in the village greeted me with "Hello Heather!" and it surprised me...but made me smile!

I was able to visit the library in the afternoon where, Biju was waiting for me. Of course she had received the news of my arrival and she greeted me warmly with laughter and smiles. The library looks very good and I could see that she has been doing a remarkable job. I feel grateful for her, she is dedicated and caring.
I delivered many "gifts" I had brought to my friends in of the most special gifts was a collection of "Power Rangers" that one young man had been waiting for patiently... When his mother told him I was coming, he said, "Oh good, my Power Rangers are coming." (Thank goodness I had them for him...he was SO very happy to get them and it was fun to see him opening them...truly special!)

After only one day in Bandipur (I was able to visit all the hilltops and favorite places ...."re-charging" sites...LOL...) I headed to Chitwan to meet up with our group and visit schools and villages in the jungle region. It was fantastic to see everyone again and to go through the process of honoring the girls in their homes, villages, and schools. Although it had been a year since seeing them, it still felt as if it was only a day, and everyone was very happy.


I have many stories to share~ and photos...
see you all soon.