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The Second Children's Community Library, Saranpur, Chitwan, Nepal, Dec. 2010

Saranpur is a village in Chitwan, Nepal. It is a very wonderful village that is located near the jungle. We have many  Empower Nepali Girls scholarship girls located in this village. 
One of Namaste Nepal - Himalayan Children's missions is to support the children in the villages where we have scholarship girls located. We were thrilled when Digumber brought forth the idea of building the next library in Saranpur. It took tremendous collaboration, time, energy, and resources to bring the library into existence. With the help of many people from around the world we were able to give the children & community members a beautiful community library. Thrilling! :)~

 The new plaque for our library ~ a wonderful man in Chitwan created this plaque for us ~ Thank U!
 Young boys from the village loved looking through the books ~ they became so excited and they wanted to show me each picture and discuss it! I loved it... sweet friends... I'm so happy you love to learn and are excited to explore! I want to cry when I think of it ~ :)~ it makes me so happy!

 We provide an enriching environment for the children to explore books of all genres and levels. We also like to provide enriching learning games and materials, including puzzles to help stimulate thinking and exploration. The children love this ~ the children (and adults) value education and feel extremely grateful for every opportunity to learn. We love to help as many children as we can ~ through providing educational scholarships, teaching and mentoring, and by providing community libraries.
 Heather meeting with a group of community women and children. The library is a place for all people ~ regardless of age...we can still all learn and grow!

 This beautiful lady was excited about the library, I told her that the library is for her too! :)~
She smiled and I smiled, deeply!
 My friend, Sarita, who is thrilled to try out the sports equipment! :)

 Beautiful children from the village visited the library to see which books they would like to read!

 Digumber with the carpenters. Digumber worked hard to ensure the library project was on target. He also has donated a great deal of his own money to ensure the quality of the library. He is very passionate about making things very beautiful for the children.
 On the morning of the grand opening, the chairs for the event were delivered by ox & cart! I was so surprised! And I said... "Only in Nepal!"  :)~

 Thank you to Tapasha Piya (Digumber's daughter- Tapu) & Sagar who helped me set the library up on the morning of the opening! I could not have made it without their help! :)~
 Thank you to the students and children from Gilbert Elementary School who wrote beautiful posters and letters to the children in Nepal! They are decorating the libraries in Bandipur & Chitwan! Thank you. Special Thanks to Jean Madden who helped to coordinate this activity!

 I was grateful to our librarian at Gilbert Elementary School, Kay, who donated beautiful character stuffed animals for the shelves. It really helped pull it all together!

 The finished library! And now, I had to run and changed and dressed for the ceremony! :)~
 Community members came from far and wide for the grand opening ceremony!
 Women from the village wait for the ceremony to begin. The sun was very hot that day and we all sat for a very long time, but it was worth it!
 Digumber and Heather give a prayer and lit the lamp for the ceremony.

 Children are anxious as they peek through the door of the library!
 Time to go inside! :)~
 Heather saying a speech ~ sharing about how so many from around the world have helped to make this library possible. A thrilling time to finally get to share our sentiments and hopes and dreams with our friends.  Mr. Karki translated ~ thank you.

 Digumber's turn to say his speech ~ he shared many things with the people of the community. He has a deep passion to help his people in Nepal.

 Thank you to Munni  (Uma) & Tapasha who helped get all the decorations in place and helped me get my sari on as well! One thing is true, when we work together we can get so many things done! :)

The end of long day, the community leaders are pleased with the library and the ceremony ~ These are the members who will oversee and help develop the library further. They have already plans to create a garden in the front and back of the library. I'm thrilled to visit again and work in the library and the new garden!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible ~ to Lourdes and Rachel for their hard work and the generous donations from so many from around the world ~ we are blessed by your kindness and your loving support! Many Blessings to All!


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