Friday, February 3, 2012

♥ ♥2011 in Review ♥♥

We had an exciting and productive year in 2011! 

With the help of so many friends and supporters we were able to continue on our mission to help Himalayan Children in Nepal.  We were able to add to and enhance NNHHC's  Bandipur and Saranpur Children's Community Libraries, bring a new computer lab to the children and teachers of the Bamboo School in Bhaktapur and build a brand new beautiful basketball court to the over 2000 students at the Bamboo School in Chitwan, Nepal.  We are also very grateful and proud to be providing more educational scholarships to deserving students who are in dire need of extra support to keep them in school and safe from child labor and human trafficking, both of which are rampant in Nepal.
Children listen keenly (as Reya looks on) while Asmita, the librarian at the Children's Library in Saranpur, reads them a story!

Our Mission: 
“Our mission is to enhance the social, emotional and educational growth of Himalayan children through collaborative projects that support their communities, are based on mutual respect, and maintain the dignity of the Nepalese culture.”

NNHHC was established in 2009 to help support the most disadvantaged children in the rural regions of Nepal. We strive to provide mutually beneficial experiences through a variety of educational and community based projects, which are tailored to the specific needs of different communities found throughout a variety of regions in Nepal.

It is our goal and our dream to help improve the lives of children in Nepal by:
*building community and school libraries
*enhancing and supporting other projects in the community that will enrich the daily lives
*supporting underprivileged boys and girls with educational scholarships to keep them safe from child labor & human trafficking
*improving education by training teachers, mentoring, teaching English and other subjects
*working with professionals worldwide to create shared network of learning that is mutually beneficial to all participants
We feel strongly that by supporting the children of Nepal we support all children around the world and make the world a better place for all citizens. Truly, we are one.

Students in Saranpur, Nepal look on as new scholarships are presented to grateful students.

In the summer of 2009, we built and opened our first Children’s Library in Bandipur, Nepal. This community library welcomes all members, all castes, and all ages to come and explore books and literature of all types.
In 2010 we officially started NNHHC and we were formally recognized as an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization February 24, 2010. 

In December 2010, we built and opened the second Community Children’s Library in Saranpur, Chitwan, Nepal. We also continued to support and fund our first Community Children's Library in Bandipur as well as provide scholarships to both boys and girls who were in need of extra financial support to remain or go to school. 
In 2011 we continued to provide ongoing support and enhancement to two Community Children’s Libraries in Nepal, established a computer lab in Bhaktapur Bamboo School, and opened a beautiful basketball court for over 2000 children at the Bamboo School in Chitwan.  
THANK YOU to all of our donors ~ many who walked across countries, ran marathons in different countries around the world, held garage sales, climbed mountains, and worked hard to give so that these projects could be completed. 
There are many people who care in the world ~ and who are willing to make a difference in the lives of the children in Nepal.  

Often when you are leaving a village in Nepal the children will say, "Please do not forget me...." ~ and to those children I say in mind each day.... "WE CANNOT FORGET YOU! WE ARE THINKING OF YOU EACH DAY!"   ♥♥NAMASTE ♥♥


 1.Community Children's Library 
 Bandipur, Nepal

In 2011 we were able to officially rededicate the NNHHC Community Children's Library Bandipur in the fond memory of the late Suryan Narayan Piya & Chuna Kumari Piya, Mr. Digumber Piya's devoted and loving parents. The library was rededicated wishing success and happiness to all who shall enter with Infinite Love & Gratitude.  This was the first library build by NNHHC even before it had become an official nonprofit. Mr. Piya, the President of NNHHC in Nepal, worked tirelessly and devoted a tremendous amount of his own funds to see this first project completed. He has been an inspiration and devoted friend to many children and families in Nepal and a wonderful work partner to those from around the world. We are grateful to Mr. Digumber Piya and his beautiful family for their champion work and endless efforts to make the world a better place with dignity and hope for all people.  Thank you Digumber!!!! Keep up the good work! 
The plaque at the Bandipur Children's Library.
Digumber enjoying the library with the children.

                                           Older boys exploring science books ~ they were enthralled and read for hours.
This little girl is enjoying her book.

The children love to play with the learning games.

Heather having fun with the children~ :D
Children love to write and draw in the library.
Heather and the children in Bandipur.
Paru, our new librarian in the NNHHC Children's Community Library in Bandipur!

We love to buy more books for the library!
We order books and games for children of all ages.

   2. Community Children's Library  
Saranpur, Nepal

Reya is with the children in the library ~ 
The NNHHC Children's Community Library in Saranpur, Nepal was created in conjunction with the community of Saranpur. The building was built from the ground up and houses the library and the local community center group activities. This is truly a community and shared project.  NNHHC is interested in helping to support communities in learning to helping themselves to become more affluent and independent. We are hoping to reach out to empower individuals through shared projects, enhanced education, and sharing and learning from each other. We have a deep respect for the Nepalese people and thus appreciate the opportunity to work side by side with such hardworking and dedicated friends.

This beautiful young lady met us at the front and immediately said, "I know you, you are Heather Guay." ~ She enjoys the library each day and helps the younger students read books and play games.

Looking for a good book!

Children spill out of the library playing learning games on the grass outside!
Many of the children have never done puzzles !

It's time to go home now ~ getting ready to walk back to her home after visiting the library after school.

Each day there are hundreds of shoes outside ~ and happy children inside.

This little doll enjoyed reading her Nepali story book to me in the library. Namaste!

"Please do not forget me."  ♥♥
                                                                                            "I can never forget you ~ The truth is, I think of you each day." ♥♥

♥♥Childhood being enjoyed ♥♥
Namaste ~ Pheri Bhetola ~ See you next time!!!!!!

3. Computer Lab in the Bamboo School 
Bhaktapur, Nepal

This December 2011, we had the great honor of presenting a beautiful new Computer Lab to the devoted and hard working students at the Bamboo School in Bhaktapur, Nepal. We had originally planned to build them a library in their school, but the Principal shared with Mr. Digumber Piya, NNHHC President in Nepal,  that indeed, although I library would be great, there was a greater need for a computer lab since they did not have one at their school which has over 2,000 students.   So NNHHC board voted to approve a new computer lab for the school! EVERYONE WAS THRILLED!

Ms. Shova Tamang, Principal of the Samata Shiksha Niketan Bhaktapur, (The Bamboo School in Bhaktapur, Nepal) is an inspirational leader and good friend to many.
Shova & Heather ♥♥

NNHHC presents the computer lab to the children at the Bamboo School, Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Before the computer lab was presented ~ exciting!

The children meet in the morning for songs, prayers, and morning exercise.

Beautiful little girl that I've seen each year since 2007 ~ When I first saw her, she was a baby.

Students studying n their classrooms in the Bamboo School.

Samata Shiksha Niketan ~ Bhaktapur ~ This school was established to help provide quality education to every child regardless of their caste or economic level. The students at the Bamboo Schools receive an excellent education due to the dedication of the founder, Uttam Sanjel, and all the amazing principals, teachers, and students working together. We feel proud to help provide any support we can to help such an amazing group of inspiriting people!!!!!  

Scholarship students are excited to explore and use the new computers at their school!

Thank you to my friend, Holly, for creating these beautiful NNHHC bracelets for  the students. They LOVE them! WE need to make MORE!!! :)

Happy Students ~ Happy Principals & Teachers!

Learning how to use the computer!


In the future we will bring the Chahari  Project via Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand to the Bamboo School. This Chahari Project will be an interactive online learning community that connects students at Rangsit Univesity in Thailand and around the world! We are so excited about the many networks of caring friends that are working together to create a truly global learning community!

4. Basketball Court Project Bamboo School
Chitwan, Nepal 

With the help of our many donors, Digumber Piya, and family and friends we were able to complete the basketball court for the children at the Bamboo School in Chitwan, Nepal this December 2011. It was a thrilling adventure to see the adults and children enjoying and enthusiastic about their new basketball court!

Ashmita, Digumber, and Heather on the day of the opening of the basketball court!

Discussing the final touches of the program!

Nepalese children sing their national anthem ~ beautiful voices.

We were blessed to be joined with our friends and some family on this  wonderful day. Thank you Reya and Mrs. Minu Piya, for joining us on this exciting day!

Principal of the Bamboo School in Chitwan, Navin Parajuli,  addresses the students and guests.

Namaste little beauty!

Dedicated to the children of the Bamboo School ~ Samata Shiksha Niketan ~ to the spirit of sportsmanship and kindness. ♥♥

I told the children that I had so many friends from around the world who worked hard to help bring this basketball court to them  and that I am the lucky one who gets to come to Nepal and actually give it to them!  I asked each of them to find a way to make the world a better place ~ whether big or small ~ we each can make a difference in the world. ♥♥

Pritam Piya gives a scholarship to a lucky young girl. 

Pritam Piya is being awarded with a certificate of appreciation for his dedication and hard work with NNHHC and helping to get the basketball court finished!  GREAT WORK!

Digumber awards the principal of the Bamboo School with a NNHHC T-Shirt! Namaste!

Bhadra Narayan Piya, NNHHC Nepal Treasurer, inspired all of us with his beautiful speech!
We are grateful to our friends and family who joined us in this  and many other projects with NNHHC. We have a strong and wonderful NNHHC Board in Nepal. Digumber Piya is the President of both organizations and he works diligently to maintain transparency and integrity to the organization and to all stakeholders.  We appreciate the professional and wise leadership of our friends in Nepal! We could not do our work without you!!!! THANK YOU!

Scholarship students are exploring their back packs full of supplies! They are very excited!

Digumber Piya, President of NNHHC Nepal & President of ENG, Chitwan , addresses the children at the Bamboo School in Chitwan. It is because of Digumber that all of these projects have been born and also that they have been brought into existence. He is a true humanitarian and a wonderful leader!

Students are VERY excited as the time draws near to use their new basketball court!

The girls were a little shy to try out their skills.

Thank you to all those who helped bring this project into being. I know ongoing support will be given to the children at the Bamboo Schools! We are grateful. Sudip Piya and Kailash Pradhan did so much to add the final touches to the basketball court. Then Kailash showed the students how to play ~ I wonder if he will be giving coaching lessons throughout the year???? :)

Girls are waiting for their turn!

Happy DAY!!!! 2000 Nepali children cheering for a basketball was AWESOME!

We were lucky to visit on a day when the students were sharing their projects!


BYE BYE BAMBOO SCHOOL CHITWAN.... see you next time ~
This little guy was so cute... look at that smile!!!!

5. Scholarship Students

NNHHC helps support and provide educational scholarships to both boys and girls who are underprivileged and at risk of being kept from education due to risks of being sold into child labor and/or human sex slave trade. Each year over 20,000 children are sold or taken and forced to work often times in torturous situations. We are happy and proud to help many students stay in school by helping them with their uniforms, school materials, and oftentimes their tuition. This makes a tremendous difference in their lives. We are grateful for the collaboration between the schools, communities, and those working on the ground in Nepal to help us identify and to organize all of the coordination of supplies and fees. Thank you to Digumber Piya, again, for being the founder and leader of these projects. Once again ~ so many owe a deep gratitude to his tireless efforts to see that as many as children as possible are given a fair chance at a good life. Namaste! Let's continue this good work ~

Many of the children who are recommended for scholarships come from families who face financial hardship. We are grateful to our donors who so graciously share their  own resources so these beautiful children have a great future! The children are so grateful for this great opportunity. They were/are so very happy!!!!


"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and your discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.” ~ Patanjali

♥♥♥♥  This quote by Patanjali is true ~ This journey to Nepal has inspired me, the great purpose and the projects we serve have caused our minds to break their bonds, we have transcended limitations and challenges, our consciousness has been expanded in every direction and truly the world is a great and wonderful place. We have seen the work of dormant forces and talents come together and truly, together we have done more than we ever dreamed we could do. ♥♥

WE welcome all those who wish to join us on the journey,  and we promise you will not regret it! NAMASTE  FRIENDS ~ ♥♥


  1. Thank you for your dedication and efforts to providing the young ones with the helping hand and the needed proper guidance enabling them to become a better citizen of the Nepal and the world.

    1. Thank you for your kind support and comment ~ when we help others, we are helped. As we educate we are educated, as we share we suddenly have more . It is with the help of so many from around the world that we are able to continue our work! Together we can make a big difference ~ if we each do our part, eventually we get the job done ❤❤❤❤ Namaste!!!