Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Projects ~ 2012

As we continue our Mission and hold strong to our values and goals we achieve success for all members. Namaste!

Although the summer is well in progress, we are not finished with our work in Nepal!  I am preparing to leave soon for three weeks of teaching on the topics of essay writing and leadership, visiting scholarship students, mentoring, visiting the libraries, and also helping with our upcoming projects for this year. There is much to do in a short time!
I am terribly excited to see my friends in Bandipur and to have the
opportunity to 'teach' them again! It's an amazing experience to see them grow each year!

Students at Durga H. Secondary School, Chitwan
Namaste Nepal ~ Helping Himalayan Children has a mission to  enhance the social, emotional, and educational growth of Himalayan children through collaborative projects that support their communities are based on mutual respect, and maintain the dignity of the Nepalese culture. It is within this mission and spirit of mutuality and positive intention that we continue our work in Nepal. 

This summer I will have the privilege of teaching essay writing at a variety of schools and levels to both teachers and students. It will be fun to share the essay writing process to help our friends learn new ways to further advance their academic achievement. That is the best part of teaching ~ to teach those who truly desire to learn because once you give them a small part of knowledge they take it further and use it to continue in their journey to better themselves. Many of our scholarship students have the potential to move further in their academic careers and this will give them a few more tools to have in their 'tool-box' so as to reach their full potential. I am hoping we can publish some great essays after the trainings. 

CNN 2010 Hero of the Year ~ Anuradha Koirala ~ and my true life hero for her work in preventing and rescuing girls from the ravages of human trafficking. She prevents, saves, and rehabilitates those who have been forgotten... she literally saves their lives ~ again and again. I'm grateful to support her work. 
So far, I will be teaching six workshops ~ including a writing workshop for Maiti Nepal students!  I am beyond thrilled to meet one of my true life heroes, Anuradha Koirala. She is a social activist and the founder and director of Maiti Nepal ~ a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the victims of sex trafficking. She is a true Hero! I will have the privilege of sharing what I know with their group and I am extremely honored for NNHHC to join hands in partnership with such amazing people doing such great work! 

Relational Leadership is a wonderful way to create
 environments of wellness for all individuals within an organization.
It's a Win/Win

NNHHC is offering a workshop on Leadership with our friends at Baulkamari College, as I love to teach about this topic!  I'm looking forward to sharing what I have come to know about Leadership through my teaching experiences at California State University, Fullerton. Leadership is very much about human relationships and helping others reach their full potential! I am excited to share about this process with our friends in Nepal and to share and explore their ideas on this subject as well! 

The monsoon brings heavy rains.
It is always great to visit the Children's Libraries in Bandipur & Saranpur. I want to spend a lot of time just 'being' there with the children and our lovely librarians too.  I think we need to paint both libraries and of course we need to add more books and supplies! That is a never-ending process! We are grateful this year to have received books from our new partners, The Asia Foundation. We will be delivering new books from our friends in the Asia Foundation ~ thank you! 

Paru in the Bandipur Children's Library!

 I am excited to announce that we will be working to bring a new Children's Library to the pre-school and kindergarten children in the Bhaktapur Bamboo School. We visited there last December and discussed this project with the principal there, so we will visit to further develop and make a plan to make this 'dream' come true. I'm very excited for this project as the children there are really amazing and they deserve to have a beautiful place to learn and grow. 

Shova Tamang & Digumber are discussing the upcoming library project and ongoing
scholarships at the Bhaktapur Bamboo School.

We are also excited to join hands with our friends in Bandipur with Bahnu High School to help further develop a Kindergarten library/project at the High School. They have already built a lovely new building and now we are going to help them bring a beautiful library and learning supplies to their Kindergarten. I'm also hoping volunteers can work in both Bhaktapur and Bandipur Kindergartens ~ that would be such fun and great learning for everyone! 

Children in the Kindergarten class ~ they need books and supplies now!
They look eager to learn, don't they?

Another project we are exploring is a New Library in Durga H. Secondary School, Chitwan. We will be meeting with school officials and community members to discuss the needs and potential future library for this great school! 

Administrators, community members and teachers with Binayak (& Mom) & Digumber
 at Durga H. Secondary School, Chitwan

Binayak, Kalpana, and Digumber in Bandipur.
Another exciting project we are working on is the Chahari Project, which includes bringing online classrooms to our sites in Nepal. We are grateful to Rangsit University located in Bangkok, Thailand ~  Jeff Wollentin & Binayak Basnvat the leaders of this great project who in collaboration with Namaste Nepal ~ Helping Himalayan Children have been working hard to bring this project to life.   Chahari means protection and care or the place where we find refuge ~ this project provides exactly that for many Nepalese children and their community. The objective of the Chahari Project is to engage Chahari scholarship students, current RSU students, local communities and schools of Nepal through online classrooms.  Provide service and connection to Nepali community and social awareness of RSU students. We are bringing online connection, teaching, and learning to different Chahari Locations within the schools and libraries around Nepal. I am thrilled to participate within this project and excited to see it in action while I visit. 

Jeff Wollentin ~ Rangsit University 
I will be posting and updating to keep everyone up to date on this summer mission. I thank you all for your continued positive thoughts and loving kindness. I am grateful to everyone who continues to work with us to help bring these enhancements to our friends in Nepal. It is very worthwhile work and you can be assured that your contributions in whatever form they take are meaningful and that we could not do it without you. We thank you so very much!

Thank you for your continued "Chahari" ~ Protection, Support, and Love ~
we feel blessed to work with so many wonderful souls!


  1. Wow - look at all those partnerships and projects. Amazing! Thinking of you and offering a wonder of emotional energy your way!

    1. Thank you Emily ~ and think... all of this started with an 'intention' set with you & your beautiful group ~ Namaste, my friend <3 & So much Love <3