Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Himalayan Times ~

Shortly before the Library opened the Himalayan Times  in Kathmandu asked a question in the paper about which is better...the internet or a library! I simply had to submit a 200 word response...
and I just found it on the internet just tonight!
Mine is on top!!!
Exciting to bump into this because I did not know if they printed it or not!


that's the link....

Here's what I wrote:

Internet Vs Libraries: Let’s enjoy the best of both

Internet Vs Libraries: Let’s enjoy the best of both

2009-08-29 1:37 PM

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Although it is true that modern technology offers those seeking information certain benefits, there is no comparing the use of the Internet and the experience of visiting a good library. A library is a gift to all because libraries offer individuals the opportunity to explore and experience the very essence of the authors’ efforts, wisdom, and knowledge through the ages. We quite literally hear the voices and capture the essence of writers through time. The library is a reverent place that offers each individual, the opportunity to learn and understand if they so choose. Knowledge in the library is free to all. The Internet offers many of the same benefits, so we are truly blessed with both at our disposal.

With great appreciation, devotion, and passion for libraries, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to open The Children’s Library in Bandipur, Nepal on Monday, August 31, 2009 at 4:15pm. With the gracious help of Digumber Piya, and many donors, the library will be a place where children, teachers, and community members can visit and have the best of both worlds — a library with books and the Internet as well!

— Heather Guay, 
California, USA/
Bandipur, Nepal

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  1. Now we can add published author to your list of many accomplishments! Beautifully written Heather!