Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pheri Bhetula~ "See you later!"

Pheri bhetaunla~ "I hope we meet again"

Leaving Bandipur was difficult... I had become such good friends with so many of the village residents and the hotel staff. We had, after all, spent a great deal of time together and worked on a variety of projects together. We had many laughs and shared many details of our lives~ so hard to say "goodbye".

I spent most of the night packing my suitcases and figuring out what I needed to take back to the states with me and what I could leave in Nepal for the staff. I was up past midnight trying to make sure I would have enough room in my bags to carry back a few items for my loved ones as well. I had brought so much with me when I arrived and now through the teachers' training, the English classes, and opening the library I had "unloaded" most of it! I was down to one duffle bag, a suit-case, my backpack, and my purse....not bad...for an American!  :)

The Gaun Ghar Hotel staff gave me a Nepali goodbye and showered me with tikas, flowers, yogurt, and gifts...they thanked me for everything and gave me blessings for safe was so lovely and beautiful. How I had come to really love and admire these people. Several friends from the village also came to the hotel to say farewell...Bimila, Biju, and Asutosh~ Dabika (a little girl I met during my first visit to Nepal) stopped by the hotel early to give me a beautiful flower and wish me safe travels...she told me "I love you." :) so sweet.

The teachers from Dil School came out of one of the homes to give me flowers and wish me farewell...very sweet...the library is directly behind me at the end of the bazaar...

As I walked down the bazaar many of the residents and merchants I had come to know came out of their homes and business to say goodbye. It was sweet...I have never received so many beautiful flowers and gifts and such was really amazing...I felt so humbled, blessed and thankful. It was a beautiful way to end my stay in Bandipur~ sweet, sweet memories.


  1. Memories indeed.

    But what you have left behind is something far beyond that. You have helped to plant a seed of something amazing, something that will flower and grow year after year.

    You gave love and it became a library. You gave hope and it became friendship. You gave selflessly and this will become a fabulous legacy which will reflect in the lives and futures of many people.

    I suspect that Bandipur will never forget you either.

  2. these nepali women seem really so sweet...
    like u....

    n so thankful...

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