Sunday, September 20, 2009


As I share my pictures and experiences with friends and family I am reminded over and over again of special moments in Nepal.  I miss the simple pleasures of living in Nepal...sometimes the smallest things in life are those we appreciate the most. It feels that way to me. Here are few things I miss and I love about Nepal and the people I met through the summer.

As I walked through the village each day I saw children "playing"... these sweet girls are preparing food for their babies...small girls "dress up" so they are beautiful like their mothers and aunties.
I adore the flowers and plants in Nepal~ such a variety and amazing colors~ everywhere you look you can find natural beauty and amazing views surround you...whether near or far....

This picture shows the dining area at Gaun Gahr Hotel in Bandipur.  The hotel is rustic, but BEAUTIFUL beyond... a Newari family home originally it has been renovated back to it's original beauty. I learned much of my Nepali here through dialogues with the staff... and the food was incredible! Rabindra is an excellent chef ~ "ek dom meto chaa" ~

"Birdie drinks" ~ Nepali people all "birdie drink" so they can all use the same water containers without worry of sharing germs!  I am still working on this skill~  :)

I appreciate the challenges of everyday life when I am in Nepal and realize it is not really the "things" in life that make us rich or poor, but more so...the love and connection we have with others... (photo is of typical stove inside a Nepali home).

I miss the moon in Nepal~

I adore our scholarship girls~ they are all so wonderful! It was a great experience to get to know them more personally. I was amazed by their desire to learn each thing I shared with them. It was nice when they became more relaxed with me and I really got to experience each of their personalities in the group and separately. I cannot wait to see them again to continue to see them grow and develop. They are beautiful young women...  :)  so fun!

I love the Nepali women's dress~ they are so elegant as they work hard and carry the burdens in their lives. These ladies would walk through the village each day going about their business. Umbrellas are used for the rain and the sun, and often both sun and rain are experienced within one hour's time in the summer! I have a great respect for Nepali women~ I found them to be strong, kind, compassionate, and patient. 


  1. "I have a great respect for Nepali women~ I found them to be strong, kind, compassionate, and patient" I'd say theres a very large slice of Nepali woman in you too.

    You see things with such great eyes, and your heart seems to be open to the whole world and all of its many facets.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us Heather. It has been such a privilege to watch as you travelled and to get a flavour of the places and the people you made such an impression on.

  2. Thank you Phensy~ you are so very kind...

  3. loved d pics u clicked...
    girls r so cute...

    & in indian countries, n nearby... this is well-mannered nature to drink water in tht way... "birdie drink"...

    liked all the images which describe lovely n "innocent" nepal