Sunday, July 26, 2009

Learning Nepali~

Well.. One thing I know for sure~
I am a much better teacher than student!
I have my Nepali class each day for 1 1/2 the end of my day, 5:00 pm to 6:30 p.m. on my balcony/office overlooking the Himalayan Mountains...birds and animals sounds and Nepali folk music glide in and out as I say my Nepali vocabulary and basic Nepali conversation with my patient teacher~ Bikram Sir. He is a leader and college professor in Bandipur and a very nice man.
(I have pictures of all the people and places and life ...will post soon!)

I am learning, however, and the staff of the hotel I have been staying at (who I am teaching English to each morning) help me practice too! Nepali people love it when I try to speak to them in their language and they laugh at me!!!!

I tell them..."Do I laugh at you???" :)
it's okay...I'm sure I sound hilarious!!!!

"Ek Dom Meto Chaa" means my food is delicious.... (it's very nice to say this)

Tapaai Ke Namo ho?
What is your name....

Mero Nam Heather-ho.....
my name is Heather

I've learned a whole host of other words and phrases...I know I will learn Nepali well....practice, practice, takes 7 years to learn a language to become fluent as a native......and that is with I'm okay!!!

More later....


  1. Sounds like a perfect circle of giving, each member of it growing more as a result.

  2. You are doing great. The thing about learning, is that we do it best when we dont even realise we are doing it. And I'm certain that every trip you take to Nepal, you will slowly become more and more fluent.

  3. Sounds very different language from any ones I know.
    I know it's difficult to learn other language from by only sounds. I wish I can learn it as a kid, then learning is much easier "(

  4. Must be so incredibly different than English. Is it hard literally wrapping your tough around some of the sounds needed to pronounce words?