Thursday, July 16, 2009

पोस्टिंग इन हिन्दी~

इ ऍम टाइपिंग इन इंग्लिश एंड थे स्क्रिप्ट इस बीइंग ट्रांस्लातेद इन हिन्दी!
इ दो नोट क्नोव वहत तो दो अबाउट थिस इस्सुए....
सो इन्तेरेस्तिंग...

वों'टी लेट में चंगे तो इंग्लिश!!!!

इ लव यू अल एंड विल सी वहत इ कैन दो अबाउट थिस!



  1. Have no idea what it says............ but glad you dropped back in.

  2. It says "Help, my keyboard is broken and I cannot find a helium balloon filled with eels. Apart from that, having a lovely time, wish you were here." i have no idea what the Heather bit means though!!

  3. So nice to hear from you Heather (sort of). Sending love from everyone at Straight Talk! We miss you! Love, Robin

  4. Whoa!! That is really cool. I have no idea what you typed but I'm sure it's really meaningful! Sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while .. I've been preocupied with my life. Keep the emails coming 'cause we are enjoying them!!

  5. म आशा गर्छु तिमीसँग छ एउटा महान समय!

  6. Clever girl... Now all we have to do is translate it. Hope all is well in your world. Lots of lovely love... Jayne (aka Fgr)

  7. I see your language classes are paying off. However...we are not taking them with you! Translation please! :) Hope you are having an amazing experience. :)

  8. I've translated it now. It says:

    I'm sitting here on a beautiful beach in Bali, having massages in the mornings and drinking mai tai's in the evenings, and no one will ever know that I'm not up a mountain teaching, thanks to this wonderful secret code like language!!!


  9. O shoot this is so difficult to understand. Chinese characters are much easier than these :(

  10. haha i like Phensy's translations...haha miss you terribly...I love you so very much and am so proud of you my little mumma...


  11. नमस्ते हिदर मिस... धेरै राम्रो... अनी कस्तो लाग्यो त हाम्रो देश नेपाल.... राम्रो छ हैन ?... अनी यो हिन्दी होइन नि नेपाली मा लेखेको हो... ल त राम्रो सँग बस ल

  12. I am typing in English and the script is being translated in Hindi.
    I do not know what to do about this issue....
    So interesting....

    ---- change to English.
    I love you L and will see what I can do about this!

    HG... I am just catching up. Starting to read from this entry. I could not translate the ----.

    I am off to read more.