Saturday, June 27, 2009

~Saturday... Leaving Sunday~

I am busy finishing up last minute things, such as printing out address labels for post cards, printing the book plates for those who have donated and sent messages to the kids. (And by the way I still need messages from some of you who have donated but not sent one yet...You can still send it while I'm there, but I may have to handwrite the message rather than print...don't know if they have a printer in Bandipur!)

I have to run and pick up last minute items such as shampoo, conditioner, some things from REI (sporting goods store), I need to mail a box to Ivy (my friend who is traveling around the world...she needs gum and other stuff), and finish packing up the last minute items from my apartment. 

My suitcases are overflowing and I need to go through again and repack...I wanted to bring several more laptops, but after much advise and research on the internet, I will wait to carry the other laptops in December... I do not want to get busted in customs!!!!  :(
You all will have to come and do a prison bust!  :) Next lifetime movie...NOT!!!!

I'm excited~ I am meeting some friends and my kids for dinner tonight at our favorite Thai Restaurant...Looking so forward to being in their loving kind company~

I feel good and ready to go~ I am open to new experiences and know that as much as I prepare for teaching the teachers and the students, I will need to adapt to a variety of different situations that I will not even know until they occur.... so I am going very prepared and very open to adjusting to whatever needs to be done!  :D

It's kind of fun!!!!

I love BEING in the moment and EXPERIENCING life in this way~



  1. Rest well and safe travels.

  2. Have a safe trip Heather! Follow your bliss!

  3. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I believe the advertisements gadget uses add sense, but I'm not sure. I like blogger too, (I'm actually learning PHP,) but wordpress was so unstable, and unreliable. I'm thinking about donating to the foundation that your working with. It will have to be somewhat of a small amount, (LOL, I'm poor.) I also subscribe to you on 43 things! Hope you have a great trip! Cheers!

  4. Hope your flight was smooth, and you arrived safely.

    What day is the library opening??