Thursday, June 25, 2009

~Life in Nepal~

Beautiful but does create challenges for transportation and movement around the country, especially during the rainy season.

Hidden from the rest of the world, Nepal is a landlocked country enclosed within the rugged Himalayan Mountains. The dramatic landscape creates significant obstacles to health care and education, including limited or delayed dissemination of information. Literacy rates are significantly lower in rural areas; those who live in remote mountain villages are often a day’s walk from health and education services. Formal schooling in Nepal is constrained by economic and cultural factors such as a bias against educating girls and a need for children to work at home or in the fields. The culture is rich and very different from our Western world.

This Frontline video shows "regular" life of a little girl from Nepal who has received a scholarship from  John Wood's organization. I like this video because it shows a little of what daily life is like for the members from the lowest caste. The children I will be working with are mostly from the lower castes.

These girls are from the Tharu tribe. 
 This video Daughters for Sale  explains how the trafficking of girls happens in Nepal among the poorer castes. Many of our scholarship girls are from the Tharu tribes. It is clear to see why the girls and families are so thankful for the scholarships they receive.


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