Friday, June 26, 2009


Friends G. & R. with Thamel street orphan at the pharmacy~ "Trekkers Medicine Concern"

I have already come to the conclusion that I will have a third bag on this trip~and it will cost "extra", which I am fine with... It's just now...I still have to be very  selective because even with three bags it does not seem to be enough space to carry everything I am wishing to bring with me for everything I am to do. I haven't even packed "MY STUFF"!!!   LOL~

I'm trying to think about what 8 weeks looks like as far as what I will need personally... I'm not always the best at figuring such things out. I do know I will make a few trips back to Kathmandu throughout my trip, so if there are items I need I will be able to get most of them in KTM.

My doctor gave me only one dose of Cepro (antibiotics) and I am praying I do not have to even use that...and if I do that I won't need any more than that~ I can probably buy those in KTM too...they have pharmacies in the shopping areas, but I am not sure about buying drugs there... I get nervous about putting things in my body! 
Let's pray for good health, hygienic food, and all around well being~ :D

Packing and repacking today!

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  1. You will be fine, because you have such a healthy spirit!!