Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~Things to do~

I have a tremendously long list to check off before I leave! Everyone has been so kind and helpful, and this has made my work lighter to be sure. :D

I find when I make a list by days, then I am able to accomplish things more effectively. (I got that list thing from my Mom...she's a list writer!)

I have a few more items to buy, such as a new umbrella... it rains so much and so hard during the summer that a sturdy umbrella is very important! I don't really know how they do it, but some women in Nepal keep a poncho like thing somewhere on them, and when it begins to rain, they just take it out and put it on and seem perfectly fine.  :)  Then when it stops, they put it away...
I like this about many of the people I've met in Nepal, they just take everything in stride...and keep on moving.

~umbrella, protein bars, business cards, mail packages, passport picture for the visa, video cards, finish quotes on bookplates, handouts for the training, finalize EL schedule and resources, finish article for J. to publish.... a few more things...that's enough for now!



  1. It will all fall into place............. and be absolutely perfect by the time you close your bags for the final time.

    Maybe you should invest in one of those ponchos while you are there, they sound like a really handy thing to have around.

  2. Thank you! I got a lot done today...
    I am thinking that too... I just wonder where they are placing when it's not raining~ I will investigate and let you know!