Monday, June 22, 2009

~Summer Mission~

A few teachers from Bandipur!

There are several goals for the summer trip that I hope to accomplish successfully.

These include:
  • Mentoring and Teaching English with our Scholarship Recipients
  • Teaching English to Others in the Village (Women and other Children)
  • Conducting a 12 Day Teachers' Training for Local Teachers (About 20 from k-12)
  • Opening the Library/Resource Center for the Madhav Ghimire Foundation
  • Learning Nepali (I will be taking language classes each morning!) :D
  • Raise Awareness & Funds for Scholarships

I am looking forward to being immersed in the language and culture. We have had a variety of volunteers who have taught and mentored in different villages with great care and success. It seems in order to build relationships and most effective practices, volunteers who can stay for at least a few weeks have good success. I am looking forward to continuing the successful work that has been done before me!


  1. Don't forget the goals of:
    * posting loads of photos.
    * sharing your journey and love of Nepal
    * Inspiring people, in both Nepal and the rest of the world.
    * Enjoying and soaking it all in.


  2. Thank you A.
    You always have my back!!!!



  3. I will write a letter to the Nepalese children for the library book(s). Please don't forget to tell them Namaste from us!! You will have to teach me a little bit of their language when you return.
    PS ... I posted this link on Facebook.
    Tom & Casey

  4. OF course!!!

    Thank you Casey~
    you are such an advocate and I really appreciate your work that you've done for the foundation! The world is a better place because of folks like YOU!!!!


    mero nam Caseyho- my name is Casey