Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life in Nepal~

This is the view from my window! :)

I have to say, despite the wonderful enthusiasm and positive spirit I possess, I have had my moments of feeling really down here because I miss you all. Without a cell phone, internet, and no other way to have contact with "my people" ~ I have been so homesick... but when I am feeling down I listen to India Arie, look at my pictures, and journal....I remember why I am here and I "feel better"....

Can you imagine I am walking through the hillsides blasting my ipod and it's heaven! India Arie, Cat Stevens, YoYou Ma, and all the other music I love...funny...

anyway...I just wanted to share that...
it's not easy to be away from those you love...I so appreciate the emails and messages I've received from all of you..thank you, thank you, thank you....

I became ill the other day after a "small party" with the women in the village...(I teach them English each day and we have become quite friendly....) they brought peanut butter, jelly, bread, and milk tea to class and it was quite fun! I think maybe, my tummy couldn't hang with the water from the milk tea...but whatever, the next day I was and I felt awful... I was supposed to meet with the library furniture maker and I couldn't leave my hotel... I looked at one of the staff members of the hotel and said, "I want my mommy!!!" I literally wanted to cry..he was so sweet...he said, "I will go and find her."

A bit later I saw him and he was checking on me...He said..."the only mother I could find was very old..." and I said..."That's okay... she will do for now."
We both started was very sweet....
Many of the staff members at Gaun Gahr (hotel) are young adults and they have taken to call me "Aama Guru" which means "mother teacher"... it is an honorable title...and quite sweet...I am like their mother and strict teacher as well... although we laugh and play all day while I'm teaching...much to the dismay of the hotel manager who is a strict rule follower and often looks at me as if I am crazy!!!!




  1. WOW!! Sounds like quite an adventure. That is a funny story about asking for you Mommy!! I'm glad you are feeling better. Next time you go to Nepal you need to bring something that will purify the water for you!! It must be an incredible experience to meet so many people, make so many friends & experience life so different than your own. Be safe & keep emailing & posting blogs. Love you!!

  2. You are dearly missed here, but it is so exciting to know that you are having such a wonderful adventure. So many great memories for you and those whose lives you are touching.... in a way that will last for generations.

    So very proud of you.

  3. No matter how far away, or how upset that tummy of yours gets, you are loved to infinity and beyond.

    And all your friends and family are so proud of the person you are, and the amazing things you share with people all round the world.

    So even though you are seperated by distance, and are out of range for a hug when you need it the most, just remember you are never seperated from the hearts and the minds of those of us lucky enough to know you and care about you.

    Be well soon, and tell the people of Nepal thank you from us, for taking such good care of you on our behalf :)

  4. How wonderful that you are able to find friends and be accepted so easily. I am sorry you are sick. I miss you too. I am sorry that you are homesick. The grass is always greener. I was thinking the other day that I wanted to get out of here so I wouldn't have to think about the current state of affairs and have it shoved in my face on a daily basis. However, being away has it's downside too. You'll be home soon. Just remember the work you are doing there is incredibly important, and it couldn't be done if you were here instead of there. :)