Sunday, July 26, 2009

Teacher Training~ 12 Day Program

(Some of the teachers from the training~ We modeled an interactive cooperative game to reinforce the previously taught Multiple Intelligences Presentation! Fun & Beautiful!)

Hello Dear Precious People!

My last post was in Hindi because the computer in Bandipur automatically translated the English for me...I could not change it, so I "went with it"!!!
thank you for the hilarious messages...and LL I will still have to translate yours...but of course, I would expect nothing less of you!!! :)

I am currently in Kathmandu...and plush it all seems to me now! Electricity, running water, internet, and an atm... HEAVEN!!! :)

Things are going well....
So far I completed the teachers training for 12 days and it was phenomenal. The teachers came from Bandipur and many different surrounding areas...some of them literally walked for two hours each way to attend the training. They were enthusiastic and open to the new ideas and learning. I read to them each day (many of your favorite books) and modeled teaching through differentiated methods and utilizing methods which incorporated honoring the individual's spirit. They were amazed at how much you can learn while also having fun. I taught them about the brain and learning and how as educators we are responsible to help our students learn to learn while also taking care of ourselves as well....
overall a tremendous success!!!! I felt as if I was with "my people"... people who feel they can make a difference...indeed.....
I had a wonderful facilitator and translator with me Iswar Shrethsa who is a Nepali educator and trainer for many years...he helped balance the cultural and language barriers and I feel very grateful to him... One thing you learn doing "business" in flexible, patient, and keep a good sense of could go absolutely insane!


  1. What a wonderful experience. I want to come and undertake some of my professional training with you as the facilitator. I am certain that those teachers are going to make even more outstanding differences in their student's lives because of you.

  2. Thanks A.
    I think the teachers did take much of what was shared "in" and I do think it will impact their teaching in some ways. Change is slow and challenging, but necessary to improve and grow!

    so much Love...
    Next time you can facilitate!!!