Thursday, August 6, 2009



Bina is a girl that you like instantly. She has a twinkle in her eye and a smile that radiates from her entire body. She is curious, intelligent, hard working, and kind. She has a graceful spunk that makes you want to spend time with her. When I visited her home I was stunned by the simple charm and obvious energy it takes for bare survival.

Bina and her bag of treasures.

Bina holds her treasures in a bag that she hangs from the ceiling of her mud house to stay dry during the heavy monsoon rains. I had to smile when she brought out the things she "treasures" they were a poloroid photo from Jeffrey Kottler (that her brother marked on) and photos of Caitlin and Drew (two volunteers from Canada who recently did a marvelous job with the girls)! My heart smiled as I realized how the effort that we put forth makes a deep least to Bina.

Caitlin and Drew volunteered earlier in the year and made a great impact on the girls~ Bina treasures these photos.

These photos were taken by Jeffrey Kottler, the founder of the MGF, on a previous visit. He takes poloroid pictures of the scholarship girls and their families....these become lifelong treasures and reminders of those who care and believe in them. (And...naughty little brother drew on Bina's photo...)

Finally arriving at Bina's house...the climb was challenging but fun!

As we climbed up and around the narrow path that led to Bina's home I felt a bit frightened a few times because the path was very small with a deep drop immediately one point, Bina took my hand to help me across and I was surprised by her strength! I was not going anywhere with her holding my hand... I could feel it! How do they manage that path in the rain and at night? I can barely walk it in daylight with someone holding my hand.... wow!

We came across an old blind man who was babysitting a small child by the edge of a cliff. I did not know how he managed to keep the baby safe because he had to feel around to locate the child and the edge of the mountain is so close.... We shared a few "Namastes" and watched for a moment...Bina told the little man where the child was and he quickly felt his way to the baby and picked the child up. Really amazing...we found out that was Bina's Grandfather and her cousin... everyone else was out working in the fields so Grandpa babysits! Everyone works! Somehow, amazingly, they work it out....

My name is Bina Majakoti. I live in BandipurNepal and there are many things to know about me. First,I am 11years old and I’m in class 6. I go toBhanu school. I like school
because I can read,write, learn and see new English books. Another reason I like school is because my teacher teaches very well.There are six people in my family.I have 1 brother and 1 sister.My mother cooks food and my father digs the rice in the fields.Each day I cut grass,wash clothes,go to school,go to temple, and carry water. You can see there are many things to know about me.


  1. Hi Heather,
    I'm sending Infinite Love and Gratitude to you and all the beautiful people of Nepal. Do the kids know the sign language hand mudra for I Love You? Maybe you can teach them :) Love, Love, Love, Mary Beth

  2. Mary Beth,

    I am so amazed by YOU! I was teaching "Infinite Love & Gratitude" and the hand mudra for "I love you".... at the exact time that you were writing your message to me...
    I felt your blessing & Infinite Love & Gratitude while I was teaching....

    Love Love Love~
    so blessed!
    I taught the girls today as well!

  3. What a gorgeous smile........ completely captivating.

    Bina sounds like one of those people who you know is going to leave this world a much better place for simply having being a part of it.

    What a wonderful friend you have made h.g.

  4. Thank you ajk~
    I agree with you...Bina is special!
    just like you....too!

  5. Hello Bina,

    it is lovely to read about you and to share in some of the things which make up your world.

    Thank you for sharing with us, and good luck with your studies :)


  6. What a beautiful girl, inside and out!