Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today and yesterday the scholarship girls came to the Gaun Ghar, (my home away from home), to learn how to play the learning games that will be in the library and to explore the books. The idea is if the girls know how to use the games they can "teach" and share with the other children in the village. It has been great fun exploring all the different books and playing games with the girls. They love the challenging spelling games, the synonym/antonym games, and also I taught them to play the All American Game- Checkers!!! They loved it!

The library is really beautiful....I mean...amazingly beautiful!

There is a sense of beauty and peace there that I hope you can "feel" from the photos (once I get them uploaded). I think perhaps this is related to many factors~ first...tremendous love and goodwill that this project has been brought forth with...the good intentions and best wishes of all of you who donated and who are keeping us all in your thoughts and prayers....also...the building itself is located at the heart of the village and when you stand on the front porch you can hear children playing, men and women working and moving through their day....Nepali music and a gentle breeze blow across your cheek and through your ears...."Namaste~" and smiles abound.

The library is built in the lower section of a building that is a holy place for people to stop and rest while they are traveling (called a Pati) Women gather here in the evening and sing and play music. The carpenters are from Chitwan and have been working so beautifully~ they are expert wood workers (Thank you to Digumber, once again for his "connections" and dedication to making this library quality for the girls!) Local village people have been working (for minimum fees) painting, staining, cleaning, carrying, working, working, working...... the shelves are half way in and I can see "the library" materialize before my eyes.

When I think of all of these things together, the love from all, and the amount of dedication and work it has taken, and takes to not only bring forth books, and literature, and learning....but the building, the workers, every person who has been involved...and the benefit (that we may or may not know~ the effects of our efforts.....) I have been moved to tears several times when I take all this in.....
and in...
and in......

it's really amazing.


  1. Never forget to include yourself at the pinpoint of that wonderful pyramid of love, hardwork and dedication.

    You have achieved something quite remarkable, something which you can always be proud of for the rest of your days Heather.

    A very loud round of applause from the gallery indeed my friend. Simply an incredible human being indeed.

  2. glad to hear everbody there is happy to see your library.


  3. Dear Heather, So wonderful to see all of your hard work is bearing fruit. You are remarkable Heather! Thank you, thank you and thank you!

  4. Great news! You (and others) have worked hard.


  5. How exciting! Can't wait to see it!