Saturday, August 1, 2009

~Spider Note & UPDATE~

Last night as I started to clear my bed off so I could go to sleep, a HUGE brown spider crawled from my pile of "stuff", Nepali books, journal~ etc. I was so scared! I let out a small cry when in reality I wanted to scream! That spider had been sitting on my bed with me for goodness knows how long!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Now... what was I to do? I really did not want to kill it... spiders are "good"... but... I really did not want the spider crawling on me at night either....what to do? One thing was for sure...he had to move from my after I grabbed my camera and took his picture, I grabbed my shoe and gave him a good "whack!" I could hear him hit the floor....I let out a small yell~ (it was late by the way and I'm sure people could hear me...I was also debating going and getting some of the staff members...but really, that would be so silly....after's just a spider...right?????)

I found Mr. Spider sitting under my bed... he looked a little "dizzy" but still okay~ I gathered my flashlight and secured my mosquito net securely around my bed and tried to go to was difficult....because I kept feeling as if I heard crawling sounds through the night....

YIKES!!!!!! His eyes are "glowing"~ :)

I hope he has gone outside now!


Yesterday while I was crossing the square photographing the girls I saw a large brown spider "walking"... same size, same color...perhaps same spider... I was quite surprised and I started taking photos of him as he walked/hopped across the way..... just as I was watching a bee/wasp of some type swooped down and landed on the huge spider and tackled him...within moments the beautiful spider was dead and crumpled~ it was WILD!!!! All of this happened right in front of me and I took pictures of it.....amazing.... Later in the evening I couldn't find the spider in my room....

I'm still wondering if that was "my spider" or not....


  1. Hi Heather,
    GREAT to keep up with your news and hear about the wonderful work you're doing there in the beautiful village of Bandipur. It all sounds great - well, all except the spider... I think you were very brave not to scream the house down.
    Take care out there.
    (Ghimire group from last year)

  2. He had just heard about all the wonderful work you do and decided to see for himself. Not the most pleasant of room mates though. Thank goodness for mosquito nets.

  3. Well at least you grabbed your camera first and screamed second,lol. You knew that us followers just had to have a snap of the peril you were in.

    Great work ;)

  4. Dear Heather,

    You are amazing! I admire you so much for the wonderful work you are doing! You are also very brave - I would have screamed my head off if I had seen that spider! Be well my dear. Sending you love, Robin