Friday, August 21, 2009

The Library~ Progress Update~

Hello Friends!

I am having trouble uploading my photos, so I will have to write for now!
The past few days have been fast and furious~ there are workers everywhere in the library and
it is really coming along. It looks Dheri RAMRO....BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
I have so many beautiful photos and I can't wait to show you! Everyone in the village has been stopping by to see the progress of the library~ everyone is excited...

The children have been visiting~ one sweet little girl came by and I told her we were building
a children's library...and that we brought many different books on many different subjects....and that she could come and read the books in the library~ She asked me "How much does it cost?"
I told her "FREE" and she said, "FREE?" and I said, "Yes!!!!"
I took her pictures at that moment...she was so excited and happy!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!!!
more later....with pics, I hope!!!!!


  1. Yipppppeeeeeeee!!

    You are doing an amazing job. Spreading such happiness and joy all round.

  2. Excellent.....sounds like it's coming together!