Saturday, August 1, 2009

~The Women's Group~

Enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk tea party! It was fun to watch them explore peanut butter!

Here are a few of the women I work with each day~ I teach English to them each day from 2:00-3:30. It has been great fun and I have learned so much about Nepali culture, Nepali language, and have been welcomed into their village and their lives. Many of these women are the leaders in their communities, shopkeepers, teachers, and hotel owners~ they have been so gracious and hard working. Each day our language class is filled with new vocabulary, phrases, and lots of laughter. It's been fun getting to know each person~ I have asked them to write something to post on the blog and I've started taking their photos to share with you.

They are excited! :)

Bimila (middle left side) has become one of my "best" students and she works so hard each day speaking English that I cannot help but adore her! The other students are "jealous"....(I really think they are!)

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  1. The smiles on their faces say that they love it just as much as you do. Let us know if you need more peanut butter shipped your way... we will stick it on the yak express.