Thursday, August 13, 2009


Krishna's Birthday Party brought huge crowds and wonderful costumes through the night!

This festival is called Gai Jatra a celebration to remember ancestors and honor recently passed family members.

This little girl came and sat by me quietly while we waited for the parade to come by the hotel. She did not speak for a very long time, but merely sat and waited. She lives outside Bandipur in the poorer area where the lower caste members live. Several of the children from the town came by and looked at her, as if "What are you doing here?"..... she held her self well and stayed. I felt happy sitting next to her.... :)

These children prepare to participate in the celebration of Krishna's birthday parade! This was a huge celebration that lasted from the morning well into the evening~ maybe you notice Danika/Dabika...

There have been many festivals while I've been here and each has it's own name, significance and traditions. It has been fascinating to be a quiet observer in these festivities and I wish I understood each one more so I could share that with you, but for now I hope the pictures will give a taste of what I've been able to see while I've been here. I think perhaps since the clouds hide the spectacular beauty of the Himalayans during the monsoon, the people bring forth the beauty in their costume, singing and dancing as they celebrate ceaselessly during this festive time....


  1. Festivals really do represent the heart and soul of a place and it's culture..... they are a true reflection of the way the community comes together. I am so pleased that you have enjoyed so many.

  2. Truly beautiful pictures Heather!

    Thank you once again, for sharing this wonderful adventure. So much colour and fun!